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Poem for Saturday

Drunken Winter
By Joseph Ceravolo

Oak oak! like like
it then
   cold some wild paddle
so sky then;
flea you say
"geese geese" the boy
June of winter
of again
Oak sky


Spent Friday waiting for Sears to come fix the microwave. Good news: it was fixable. Bad news: I'm out even MORE money! But hey, now I can nuke my leftovers again. Makes me want to go to California Tortilla and order extra turkey chili just so I can bring it home and heat it up later. My lunch date had a sick child, so I was deprived of her company and the excuse to order in, though I know she had a more miserable lunch hour than I did! Wrote a short and mediocre review of a draggy and mediocre episode, "Spectre of the Gun", which doesn't play any better now than I had remembered, though there are a couple of nice Spock moments in it. Also wrote up Saturday's news (because I'm going to be out most of the day) in which Leonard Nimoy talks about photographing naked women and Matt Damon says that if he's playing Captain Kirk, no one's told him about it. Heh.

Spent Friday evening watching Die Hard With a Vengeance, because none of us had ever seen it -- after the original I really could not imagine a Die Hard movie without Alan Rickman, so I never saw the second one, but I've been on a bit of a Jeremy Irons kick and we were not in the mood for the very end of Brideshead Revisited so the action movie won out. (R-rated cussing! Kids love it!) I enjoyed Jeremy (no one told me he was playing Alan's BROTHER!) but as people had warned me, Samuel L. Jackson steals that film from everyone. I must say, I really appreciate the way Bruce Willis is willing to be upstaged and let whoever is giving the unforgettable performance dominate a's like the opposite of the way Costner chopped Rickman's part to bits in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Bruce completely throws himself into whatever he is doing in the action sequences but he doesn't try to hog the emotional moments; he knows exactly when to let someone else carry the drama, and the movies are better for it.

fridayfiver: It's like candy, but with blood. Which is so much better!
1. How much TV do you watch?
Really very little -- it's on a lot in the evenings with sports and stuff but I only watch a couple of shows.
2. What type of show is your favorite? I'm wildly inconsistent. It tends to be characters who suck me in, not genres, though as a rule I can't deal with anything medical -- I get every symptom described -- and I don't like sitcoms.
3. Which talk show host do you hate? I don't watch talk shows, so none, or all I guess.
4. Are you looking forward to any new season premieres? New shows? Not that I can think of offhand. I want my Boston Legal season three and my Doctor Who and Rome season two.
5. Which show is your guilty pleasure? It used to be Sex and the City, which I didn't even LIKE but needed the brain-clearing. And before that, Dawson's Creek. I don't really have one like that now, that I'm embarrassed to tell my friends I like.

thefridayfive: From a movie...
1. What's your favorite line from a movie, and why?
"God, whose name I do not know, thank you for my life. I forgot how BIG..." (Joe vs. the Volcano) Because that's kind of how I pray. *g*
2. Who's your favorite villain from a movie, and why? The Marquise de Merteuil from Dangerous Liaisons. Because as a villain she is so much more wonderful than the oh-so-meh nice people.
3. Name one movie everyone else loves that you hate. I can't think of any I hate, though I am not nearly as big a Spider-Man fan as most people I know.
4. Name one movie everyone else hates that you love. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.
5. What's your favorite Pixar film, and why? The second Toy Story, I guess, because I saw it with my kids when they were very young, we love the Darth Vader joke, and it's the only Pixar movie with a female character I really like. Not a big Pixar fan, really; I much prefer Disney's in-house stuff (Mulan, Hunchback) and Dreamworks (Road to El Dorado).

fannish5 is about moments in canon where if characters had made different decisions, it would change everything. There's no way I can narrow this down to five -- I can think of five moments just in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe or The Fellowship of the Ring or The Prisoner of Azkaban where this happens, let alone in canon overall. For that matter I can think of five times where if Janeway had said "Yes" to Chakotay, it would have changed everything.

Jenga-henge, as created by my sons when they got bored with building towers and making the pieces fall down.

Saturday we have soccer and Hebrew school in the morning, then a Bar Mitzvah in the evening. We might go to a butterfly garden in the afternoon, depending on the weather!

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