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Poem for Wednesday

Sonnet LXXXV
by William Shakespeare

My tongue-tied Muse in manners holds her still
Whilst comments of your praise, richly compil’d,
Deserve their character with golden quill,
And precious phrase by all the Muses fil’d.
I think good thoughts, whilst others write good words,
And, like unletter’d clerk, still cry ‘Amen’
To every hymn that able spirit affords,
In polish’d form of well-refined pen.
Hearing you prais’d, I say ‘’Tis so, ’tis true,’
And to the most of praise add something more;
But that is in my thought, whose love to you,
Though words come hindmost, holds his rank before.
Then others for the breath of words respect,
Me for my dumb thoughts, speaking in effect.

Am reading people's violent responses to last night's Smallville with some amusement. Now, I did react violently to Single White Female and in general the psychotic-lesbian genre offends and disgusts me. But I am also a sucker for television producers doing what they think the fans want, even if they're all dorky about it.

So despite how screwed up it is, I get perverse pleasure from Chloe-as-Tina coming on to Lana, just as I would have gotten very great enjoyment had Star Trek Voyager ever once let Janeway and Chakotay make out under the auspices of possession by evil aliens or anything else. No denying that "Visage" was badly written and quite repugnant in the end (and I wish Lex's SFB would fall off a bridge). I still managed to enjoy a few moments.

Rumor is that neither Rowling nor Scholastic is coming after Harry Potter fan fiction sites per se, just NC-17 material that the lawyer-types had brought to their attention. And you know, I don't have a huge problem with them wanting that stuff better hidden so kids don't find it, if that's truly all they're after. I've been saying for a year that I think RPS needs to be better disclaimed and protected somehow from popping up on Google searches when some unsuspecting person types in the names of two actors. What we need is a way to make the index sites widely available but the fics themselves available only to people who have certified that they're old enough to make informed decisions about it, archived in places where those who want it can find it but those who shouldn't see it won't stumble across it. Is that possible?

An interesting Village Voice article on Pee Wee Herman and child pornography...

bri_chan pointed out this very funny parody movie page...

And really, actually, I think I'm a big yellow domestic shorthair like my cat Rosie, but this will do...

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