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Poem for Sunday

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I spent a great deal of time this morning cleaning and organizing things, which makes it incredibly sad that my dining room table has just as much stuff piled on it as it did this morning and the basement still looks pretty close to a disaster area. Waah! Well, at least now I can find all my "jewelry" (I put that in quotation marks as the only gold chains I own were Bat Mitzvah presents, none of my silver is worth more than a few bucks and most of my bracelets are plastic charm thingies like the one with all the Elvii that I got at Graceland), and some of the books on spirituality that I had relegated to the basement have been moved upstairs again because I buried some of the Star Trek books in piles with other Star Trek books. Incidentally, if anyone would like a near-complete set of Enterprise paperbacks, they're all yours so long as you come pick them up, so I don't have to deal with packing, shipping, etc. They're mint and the only ones I have any urge to keep are the ones in that big series including all the Star Trek shows...then again, actually, I would probably give up the series.

In the afternoon we went out to lunch at California Tortilla with younger son's soccer team, who had their last game of the season...they lost, but didn't care once they had burritos and hot sauce. Then we went to Meadowside Nature Center because it was over 70 degrees and who can resist being outdoors in such weather? We thought about going back to Sugarloaf since our climb was cut short due to rain, then we thought about going to the National Arboretum and actually started driving there before hitting insane University of Maryland football traffic (they beat Miami, and are now the first team to beat both Miami and Florida State in the same season since the 1980s, whoo, but heading east on the Beltway was impossible), so we ended up canning that idea and following Rock Creek...

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Is it wrong that the rumors that Eva Longoria and Beyonce Knowles are going to play lesbian lovers in Tipping the Velvet makes me very hot? And is it wrong that when I discovered I needed to write an article on Harve Bennett based on a very long original, I rolled my eyes and was annoyed considering I interviewed him earlier this year and did not want to slog through it, only to discover that it was the Israeli fan group and most of the interview was about the Jewish roots I didn't realize he had (his real name is Chaim Fischman), filming A Woman Called Golda in Israel and screening it for the Knesset and things like that, and I enjoyed it much more than all the Trek stuff we usually get about him? Oh and on the Old Gossip front, Jeri Ryan told USA Today that she met her fiance, Christopher Eme, while she was involved in another relationship. Did she dump Brannon Braga for him? Oh, more wrongness in my thoughts!

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