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Poem for Tuesday

I was inspired to post some Anthony Hecht by this New York Times article.

Saul and David
By Anthony Hecht

It was a villainous spirit, snub-nosed, foul
Of breath, thick-taloned and malevolent,
That squatted within him wheresoever he went
      And possessed the soul of Saul.

There was no peace on pillow or on throne.
In dreams the toothless, dwarfed, and squinny-eyed
Started a joyful rumor that he had died
      Unfriended and alone.

The doctors were confounded. In his distress, he
Put aside arrogant ways and condescended
To seek among the flocks where they were tended
      By the youngest son of Jesse,

A shepherd boy, but goodly to look upon,
Unnoticed but God-favored, sturdy of limb
As Michelangelo later imagined him,
      Comely even in his frown.

Shall a mere shepherd provide the cure of kings?
Heaven itself delights in ironies such
As this, in which a boy's fingers would touch
      Pythagorean strings

And by a modal artistry assemble
The very Sons of Morning, the ranked and choired
Heavens in sweet laudation of the Lord,
      And make Saul cease to tremble.

Now, how could I not do this:

Tarot Cards
Five of Wands
Love, exciting and new. Let it flow, it floats back to you. The Love Boat soon will be making another run!
Divinatory Meanings: Cornball romance, sappy affection, good friends, bad Seventies music, sheer joy. Signifies the possibility of living happily ever after even when life feels like a bad sitcom plot.
Reversed: Cynicism, seasickness, carbohydrate overload, lack of faith in OTPs.
Elements: Fire and Water

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Brought to you by crossfire

Just found out that a very, very good friend of mine may be very ill. I'm very upset.

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