The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Tuesday

Witchcraft By A Picture
by John Donne

I fix mine eye on thine, and there
      Pity my picture burning in thine eye;
My picture drown'd in a transparent tear,
      When I look lower I espy;
                Hadst thou the wicked skill
By pictures made and marr'd, to kill,
How many ways mightst thou perform thy will?

But now I've drunk thy sweet salt tears,
      And though thou pour more, I'll depart;
My picture vanished, vanish all fears
      That I can be endamaged by that art ;
                Though thou retain of me
One picture more, yet that will be,
Being in thine own heart, from all malice free.

* * * *

Part of Hell Day has been POSTPONED. Not sure which is more excruciating, living through Hell Day or knowing that I have to wait a couple of weeks and THEN live through Hell Day. Am going insane.

Made on demand for minion cinzia:

Read lexluvsclark's entertaining commentary on last night's Smallville and survey on how gay it is ("Makes Queer As Folk look like family entertainment").

And gacked taryneve, took Star Trek character quiz here. I am James T. Kirk! This is excellent news as have always admired him, but this probably means I cannot date him. And really, Spock has never done it for me, so not sure I want to be Kirk. Perhaps will emulate Dr. McCoy, and go get drunk with friends...

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