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Poem for Thursday

Farewell, Love
By Thomas Wyatt

Farewell, Love, and all thy laws for ever:
Thy baited hooks shall tangle me no more.
Senec and Plato call me from thy lore,
To perfect wealth my wit for to endeavour.
In blind error when I did persever,
Thy sharp repulse, that pricketh aye so sore,
Hath taught me to set in trifles no store,
And scape forth, since liberty is lever.
Therefore farewell, go trouble younger hearts,
And in me claim no more authority;
With idle youth go use thy property,
And thereon spend thy many brittle darts.
For, hitherto though I've lost my time,
Me lusteth no longer rotten boughs to climb.


My father again volunteered to take the boys to the pool, so I took them over there late in the morning, then went and had lunch and shopping with gblvr -- very garlicky hummus and Ulta, so parts of me smelled good and parts of me had garlic breath. Then I came home because I had a lot of work to catch up on...a long, mostly boring interview with Garrett Wang about hijinks on the Voyager set we've heard about before, actual Trek comic news from Comic-con, and a short note about Nana Visitor appearing on Battlestar Galactica that had to be padded with other MooreRon weighing the presence of Visitor, the likely return of Lucy Lawless and my adoration of Mary McDonnell against the things Moore is likely to do to characters I like, particularly women, and don't know whether to watch next season or not.

Otherwise much of my day was dedicated to fannish pursuits, including reposting a massive revision of the longest fic I have ever completed, finishing a story for a gift comm and chatting with various people. Also went to look up the items in question in the Fisher-Price Toy Recall (mostly Sesame Street and stuff much too young for my kids, but wanted to make sure there were no penguins in there) and ran across the Minneapolis news...I really hope no one here was affected, though really I wish no one was affected at all (I'm pretty sure we went over that bridge when we visited from Chicago for a Redskins-Vikings game). Those photos of the school bus on the crumbling bridge really freak me out.

Yes, there are birds besides penguins at the Maryland Zoo. Here for instance is a colorful toucan.

And here are a little Eastern screech owl...

...and a gorgeous macaw...

...and Hedwig. Err, a snowy owl. Who looks rather warm in the 90+ degree heat.

Here are a pair of flirting spoonbills, plus a friend.

And a pair of vultures.

LiveJournal is slow as molasses tonight so I had better post this before it gets too insanely late! Have fun at Prophecy, everyone who's off!
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