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Had to find something to say about tonight's Enterprise despite just. not. caring. Tonight of all nights!

Suckiest review I ever wrote I think.

And a few more thoughts on TTT that came up in conversation with divineway...

I think they needed all the Arwen scenes. In the book we're supposed to take it for granted that she's the Great Love of Aragorn's Life -- for no good reason exactly, which is why I never liked her, extraordinary beauty is just not enough. But in the movies there could have been a serious "So why doesn't he just take up with Eowyn and let Arwen go?" issue going on, especially after Aragorn tries to give her back the Evenstar pendant. They have to have an almost metaphysical connection. Spiritual. Not specifically erotic. And I thought what they had in the movie worked.

I want to see Aragorn taming the horse on the ext-DVD.

"Frodo, this is your Sam, remember.." Ohhgod I forgot about that. LOVED that!

Viggo in GQ at the House of Telcontar

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