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Because baseball contains the meaning of life...

While reviewing Michael Chabon's Summerland, quite possibly my favorite novel ever -- imagine A Wrinkle In Time crossed with Field of Dreams, along with some animals from Narnia and starring Coyote as the Devil -- an important question sprang to mind:

If the nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring formed a baseball team, who would play which position?

Frodo's got to be the pitcher.
Which means Sam's got to be the catcher.
Pippin's got to be in thankless right field.
I guess Aragorn, Legolas and Boromir should play first, second and third base (or go to first, second and third base...oops, distracted myself).
That would leave Gandalf free to play shortstop.
Leaving Gimli in center, and Merry in left field.

Though my friend Grey rightly points out that with his speed, Legolas would be wasted on the infield. Maybe he should play center and Gimli should play 2B. And Mia thinks it would be a waste of a perfectly good "shortstop" joke not to have a hobbit play SS.

The Gay Tenor Ringwraith
Who needs to get out more...

P.S. gotham_syren points out AICN's Exclusive Rant from Sauron! Hee!

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