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...and a snowy Tuesday poem and such

Love's Acolyte
By Elsa Gidlow

Many have loved you with lips and fingers
And lain with you till the moon went out;
Many have brought you lover's gifts!
And some have left their dreams on your doorstep.

But I who am youth among your lovers
Come like an acolyte to worship,
My thirsting blood restrained by reverence,
My heart a wordless prayer.

The candles of desire are lighted,
I bow my head, afraid before you,
A mendicant who craves your bounty
Ashamed of what small gifts she brings.

I am 74% Evil Genius

Evil courses through my blood. Lies and deceit motivate my evil deeds. Crushing the weaklings and idiots who do nothing but interfere in my doings.
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Wow. I am MUCH more evil genius than tortured artist.

I was going to do that favorite icon thing, but there are just so many, and then I was going to limit it to one theme, like my favorite LOTR icons. So I decided to stick to Aragorn/Boromir icons I love, since there might be a manageable number of those, and I decided to post them in rugbytackle in the interests of sharing the love. Here they are.

In case anyone wants to see them, here are my icons -- the ones I've made for myself, some of the ones I've made for other people, and some of the ones other people have made for me.

And discovered by ashinae, a new Aragorn/Boromir drawing at Shepherd Moon.

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