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Poem for Slow Thursday following Night of the Dead Livejournal

I Have Been Living
By Jane Mead

I have been living
closer to the ocean than I thought--
in a rocky cove thick with seaweed.

It pulls me down when I go wading.
Sometimes, to get back to land
takes everything that I have in me.

Sometimes, to get back to land
is the worst thing a person can do.
Meanwhile, we are dreaming:

The body is innocent.
She has never hurt me.
What we love flutters in us.

Which fandom would you burn at the stake if such a thing were possible?

None. It is very easy to walk away from a fandom that's no fun. Or to start up one's own little corner. It's questions like this that make me worry about fandom as a concept, not any given stupidity in any given fandom.

Which fandom would you roll around naked in like so many $100 bills, if you could?

Really good character-based LOTR, with lots of background from the bibliophiles but largely movie-based -- no Silm, no elf-obsessives, no long exposition showing off the writer's knowledge of Middle-earth geography.

Describe your dream fandom (ie, list-based, LJ-based, filled with True Believers, filled with fandom_wankers, etc.)

All of the above with everyone getting along and tolerating everyone else's differences and quirks. Yeah, I know, it's more likely that Dom and Elijah will get married in Central Park than that I'll find that. Personally I prefer to hang out with people who are neither obsessive True Believers nor perpetual Wankers, and I love the posting interface and communities on LJ, but I was in fandom when it was all letterzines and could probably go back to a fandom that consists just of me and my two best friends if necessary.

Name five people who you'd want in your fandom:

Limiting this to five is absolutely impossible. I'd start with divineway, vertigo66, cinzia, zasjah and perkypaduan. Two of those are people who live near me, and it always makes fandom more fun when you can talk to people face to face; three of them are good friends, credentialed Minions of Satan and great writers to boot. I also really love viva_gloria, ashinae, untappedbeauty, alisalohv and way too many others to list -- both recent friends from LOTR and going way back to early days of Trek fandom (telesilla and cara_chapel, it's so cool to have found you again!) Oh, and I'm betting karelian will follow me into my next fandom whether I want her to or not.

Name five people you'd stab if they joined your fandom:

Nobody. In fact I can't even think of a single person who'd drive me out of a fandom -- there are a couple who almost did, but I just went and hid in another corner for awhile.

Have you ever flamed anyone?

Only when they flamed me first.

Did they deserve it?

Hell yes. Not that that is really an excuse, since flames only beget flames. But sometimes I cannot sit back and watch certain BNF-types flaming and steamrolling an entire fandom while their cronies and would-be-buddies post "Yes sister!" without objecting.

What's the biggest regret of your fannish history?

That I didn't leave Voyager fandom while I was still enjoying it, when I could have left with happy memories rather than bitterness.

How bad was the worst story you ever put out for public consumption?

I have no idea -- the stories I consider my worst have still gotten good feedback from some people, while some of the stories I'm really proud of hardly even seem to have been read. I never put anything out that was unreadable in terms of grammar, spelling, etc., and in terms of plot and characterization, we all have such different tastes anyway, who can say?

What's the meanest thing you've ever done in your fannish history?

I've been brutally honest with people about their fic when I knew full well that they didn't want brutal honesty. I edited a fan club newsletter for years and rejected a lot of material less kindly than I might have. I've also had to do stuff from when I was running an actor's official fan club that I'm sure has me on many people's shit lists, but in those cases I wasn't choosing to be mean -- I had publicists and a board of directors concurring with decisions that drastic steps had to be taken.

Have you ever dated someone you met via fandom?


Have you ever killed someone you met via fandom?

Never even thought about it.

But you've wanted to, right?

Not really. The people I want to kill have done things to my family on a scale way beyond anything that ever comes up in fandom; if I met anyone in fandom whom I really wanted to kill, I'd leave the fandom immediately.

If there was a Women/Men of Fandom calendar, would you pose naked for it?

Hahahahaha! For money?

A/B I'm reading:
caras_galadhon's "Fortifications"
ashinae's "Marked" (READ THE WARNINGS! Do not blame me if you don't!)
lannamichaels's drabbles over on her DeadJournal

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