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Dawson Admission

Tonight I watched the Dawson's Creek episode I could not watch last night due to having to review Enterprise. And it was pretty bad. Had the overblown speechifying of the first season, the montages of long thoughtful looks to music, the same argument Dawson and Pacey should have outgrown three years ago...and it also had the beautiful night shots of the water, the folk music, Grams...

So I hear via spoilers that in the finale, Jen dies. The network has been hyping the fact that "one of the four will lose their lives" (great grammar, WB), and given Kevin Williamson's past in horror movies, I immediately figured it would be Jen.

Because although having Joey or Pacey die would be the simplest way to end the Dawson/Joey/Pacey love triangle (no way is Dawson, Kevin Williamson's Gary Stu, going to die in the last episode of his series), Kevin Williamson comes from horror movies. Who's always the first person to die in a horror movie? Who's the only one of the four main characters who was not a virgin in the pilot? I rest my case.

I learned from Voyager and Xena and La Femme Nikita (funny thing, all shows focusing on women) that I would SO much rather never see a series finale than see an awful one. I learned from 24 last season that hating one episode can sour my taste for 23 episodes I loved and make me incapable of enjoying new episodes or reruns.

I have told myself for years now that Dawson is my mindless entertainment and not a show of which I am a serious fan. I'm too embarrassed to be a serious fan. I don't care whether Joey ends up with Pacey or Dawson, would be perfectly happy if she decided to stay single, have no strong opinion on whether Jack should end up with a boyfriend or not, won't get worked up whether Gayle remarries or not, don't even really care whether Dawson sticks to his dream of becoming a filmmaker or decides Capeside is too beautiful to leave and becomes a high school teacher. But I do not want to watch Jen die. And I suspect the spoilers are accurate.

Should I skip the finale?

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