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I only cried through half of the Dawson's Creek finale. I was doing well until Dawson got out the camera to film Jen's message to Amy, and then -- just from the sight of the camera -- I became a basket case. But ironically the scene that had me bawling aloud was Jack and Doug on the beach, after Jack's comment to Doug that he was a fifteen-year-old fag, he just hated himself for it. Because, you know, it is so true that there were never gay role models on TV when I was growing up and in fact this show had the first-ever kiss between two men on prime time (and I believe that Jack has kissed more men onscreen than Will has, which makes it pretty ironic that Jack cited Will and Grace as proof that it's safe to come out in small-town America now).

But the things for which I love DC, besides the fact that all the characters and actors seem genuinely to like each other and to appreciate the show and the fans...they played Marc Cohn's "Healing Hands," they played Beth Nielsen Chapman's "Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye," they played Ed McCain's "I'll Be," they played Jewel's "Hands." They showed one of those amazing sunset-over-the-creek tracking shots. I don't think I have ever loved a show this unreservedly. I might have loved Deep Space Nine more, but I definitely had periods of angst and anguish over where that show was going, and weeks when I was just plain bored. I have nothing but happy memories of watching Dawson for more than five years.

Starz has FOTR on right now. I just got to watch Boromir yelling "ARAGORN!" in Moria. It is amazing how I can get chills from something I have seen literally 50 times. And speaking of LOTR...naughty, naughty ashinae. I knew I loved her for a reason.

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