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Just back from a party at my cousin's house -- she has parties twice a year, for Chanukah and for all the summer birthdays in the family, and I'm always thrilled because our house isn't big enough for me to invite all the cousins here so these are pretty much the only times all year I see all of them. Unfortunately her mother, my great aunt, broke her hip and shoulder last week in a fall, so she and my great uncle (one of the birthday boys) couldn't be there. But we got to see both my local cousins and their children, plus their cousins on the other side whom I've known my whole life and whose kids are wonderful, so it was a lot of fun. She has a great backyard and normally we'd all have been out there, but since there was ANOTHER thunderstorm we all ended up indoors.

Tomorrow my younger son in theory has a soccer game to make up from previous rain cancellations, but they've already moved it to a different field due to the muddy conditions on the regular field, and given the weather forecast for the weekend it wouldn't surprise me if it it got cancelled altogether. So I need to come up with something exciting to do for Father's Day that's father sounds like he's not in a museum mood, the outdoor concert weather is too iffy (the Potomac Celtic Festival is this weekend in Leesburg and I really would like to go there but it's not Mother's Day so I don't get a vote!) Maybe we'll all go see Finding Nemo, I don't know.

Finished my World of King Arthur review -- now on to the next book! And Kim Schultz has a new Christian Bale pic. Isn't he gorgeous?

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