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Back From Back To School

...Night, which was tonight. My younger son's teacher looks 18 and sounds, well, 19. She was attacked rudely by several parents unhappy with the county's new math program, which admittedly sucks, but they pay her to stand up there and defend the useless textbooks...why do they bother publicly attacking the teacher when they could be writing her private notes about things they hope will get covered in class despite the books, or better yet, petitioning the school board?

My mother is squeeing over The Da Vinci Code. I only spent most of college and grad school trying to get her to read Holy Blood, Holy Grail, The Moon Under Her Feet, The Woman With the Alabaster Jar, etc. (all Dan Brown "source material"). Ah well, at least she understands why I am too Pagan to be a proper Jew at Washington Hebrew.

So Leni Riefenstahl is finally dead. Was going to post something about this but decided instead to reread queenofthorns and ingridmatthews's excellent posts. As someone who can't even enjoy Sean Connery movies because he's said so many heinous things about the (mis)treatment of women, you didn't honestly think I'd defend the artistic value of Triumph of the Will, did you?

In headline news, from The Onion: Relations Break Down Between U.S. And Them. The graphic alone is so perfect it's painful.

Editor is still sick. Enterprise premieres at 8 p.m. Am going to have long miserable work day.

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