The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Baseball Annoyance And Great Weather

They're all overpaid, ego-inflated, immature jackasses (and no one is going to convince me that the Yankees are the wounded party! Zimmer's the one who ran in with his fists flailing!) Would offer to write smut for anyone so kind as to provide me with Martinez/Zimmer slash, but I've sworn off RPS. *g*

Am back from lovely afternoon spent mostly in the woods with my in-laws, once both boys had finished with soccer games. The campground had a Halloween festival, complete with late afternoon trick-or-treating which my younger son did a bit of (using soccer uniform as costume) when we walked the dog while certain other members of the family obsessed over the unworthy athletes on TV. The trees are turning very red this year -- does extra rainfall bring out the reds instead of yellows and browns in the fall? Now my hair smells like campfire and I have had s'mores, so life is good.

And on an unrelated note, gacked from perkypaduan,

You seem to have just been severely hurt by the
Cave Troll. Fortunately, the Troll DID die, and
you just ... lived. Poor Troll though.
Which Frodo are You?
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