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It is somewhat disconcerting to have so many people writing to me to tell me that my cat is on CNN. But to be fair, it would be much more disconcerting if someone told me that Condoleezza Rice was sleeping on my bed.

It is a traumatic day for the cats in this household anyway: they had had plastic bowls with a place to attach a bottle for when the family is away for the day, but we almost never used the bottle attachment, and then I read an article saying cats really loathe drinking from plastic bowls, which explained why Cinnamon tries to drink from the toilet. So now they have new bowls, but we all know that new bowls cannot be trusted. So the cats have spent the morning dipping their paws into the bowls, getting them wet, glaring at their paws, glaring at me, licking off their paws, drinking from the bowls...and then dipping their paws back in. Yet another reason why cats don't rule the world.

This entire post has been the fault of apaulled, even though he's not home.

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