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My son's Little League team was undefeated this season. Until today. He is rather bemused, as the adults seem to be taking it harder than the kids, based on the level of consolation the coaches offered the players. They didn't even play the second half of the scheduled double-header because it was so hot and the first game went so long. Ah well, we weren't going to go to Baltimore today anyway, between the Preakness traffic and the Orioles traffic. (I forgot to watch the Preakness but woo hoo Smarty. I love it when there's a chance of a Triple Crown, for reasons I cannot explain as technically I do not approve of racing horses like that.)

Have had a bit of a disagreement with my pharmacist ("disagreement" = I did not cuss at him to his face but it was a close thing). The new game, apparently, is to claim 1) that there is no generic variety of a prescription drug when there is, 2) to claim that the doctor did not approve generic substitution when she did, and 3) insist that the insurance said it was not covered anyway so I have to pay the whole price, if all else fails. The truth of the matter is that I'd pay $30 for nine Imitrex pills if necessary, because that night I ended up in the emergency room from the one full-blown migraine I ever had in my life, I paid $25 for the visit and would have paid anything whatsoever for the shot as I truly thought I must be having an aneurism. But the price they want for skin stuff? I'll settle for having ugly skin and itching on certain parts of my body, and if I develop skin cancer, like both my parents and my father's mother and a whole host of other relatives, I'll sue the fuckers and they'll settle with me for considerably more than the theiving price they want they want for the cream. Must call Aetna and scream on Monday.

By popular demand, for people in parts of the world who don't get to see them even once every seventeen years...

The larva case from a cicada. I love the big buggy eyes, though the red ones on the adults are so much more impressive.

And another, in indoor light (note: if you have children within the next seventeen years, you will have cicadas brought into your house), that I love because you can see the little leg barbs so nicely.

I think we may be going to Baltimore tomorrow, with my parents, depending on whether the weather is good or whether the storm we are having right now continues into the morning. Have I mentioned being tired of AWOL co-workers? I covered today, but will have limited computer time tomorrow, and I am determined to have a life with my family the one day a week I can have one.

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