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Ditching Real World For Wizarding World

Today I did some shopping with my kids, mostly so they could spend their graduation money on the new Pokemon DVD and a Sonic GameCube game, and I did break down and buy a Galadriel in Target because she was $6 and I don't have one and how could I not, and then we had dinner with my parents who despite its being their anniversary are apparently not speaking to each other but I really tried not to ask any questions (my mother had already called my husband to bitch him out for the fact that of the five phone messages she had left me, I had only left her one in return, in which I DID remember to say happy anniversary and those niceties but I didn't know I was supposed to answer questions about plans for the weekend because she failed to mention that in any of the five messages). But enough about my exciting life. The real fun of my day was this evening in cyberspace.

lamath pointed me to this interview with David Thewlis and perhaps everyone has seen it already but I simply must steal these quotes:
At 11.45pm on June 20 2003, David Thewlis decided he had to know if he would live or die. The English actor had been spending his days shooting Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the third cinematic installment of JK Rowling's phenomenally successful series. But in fifteen minutes - midnight - London's bookshops would be opening to mark the release of book five, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Little was known about the fifth book, except that a cherished wizard that was close to the titular boy wizard would die tragically. Thewlis's character, Professor Lupin, a former companion of Harry Potter's deceased parents and a subsequent friend to their son, was an oft-mentioned candidate.

"So I put my coat on, and went out and queued up with the kids and parents, and stood in the corner of the bookshop, and a few pages in, I saw Lupin's name in the present tense and I was like, "yes!". The guy in the counter was looking at me, but I didn't care, and I flicked to the back to see if I was still in it. And the guy says, 'are you checking to see who dies?'. He was most indignant. I'm like, 'No'. And he goes 'Yes you are!'. Then I saw more Lupin near the end and I walked out of there a happy man."

Lupin may have avoided the chop, but Sirius Black hadn't, and on the screen, that part was being played by Thewlis's good friend, Gary Oldman. "He actually came around the next morning, because we lived near each other at the time, and he said, 'Have you seen the new book? We've got a lot of work to do, mate.' He was quite happy, and I didn't know how to break it to him. So I said, 'Have you actually read it yet, Gaz?' 'No, just flicked through it.' A few days later I'm in makeup and he comes in and sits down and goes, 'Have you heard the news?' 'What's that, Gaz?' 'It's terrible fucking news' 'What is it?' 'You know how everyone is talking about who dies in book five? It's fucking me! This woman puts the poor bastard in prison for 12 years, brings him back for a few scenes, and then she kills him!'"

On a related HP note, gacked from all over my friends list, and seeing as I was born in Sagittarius in the Year of the Horse, it only makes sense:

Your Patronus is the Horse! The horse is a symbol
of physical and spiritual power and is also a
bearer of burdens. He is a powerful ally
against your enemies.
That your Patronus is a horse says that you are a
strong person--strong enough to bear others'
burdens when they become too much. Be careful
to consider yourself and you will be a terrific
witch or wizard.
What is Your Patronus? Version 1
brought to you by Quizilla

And ashinae interrupted some perfectly good M&C smut-writing to link me to this image (also in rickman_daily here) which led to this very necessary GIP!

I should have been asleep an hour ago but there were entirely too many characters clamoring for attention. Have finally gotten Jack, Stephen, Maximus, Lupin and Snape off to bed, have told Lucius where to stuff it, and am pointedly ignoring the bunny that article is trying to put in my head.

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