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England Photos

I got the first batch (!) of England trip photos uploaded, and a report full of links to official sites etc. The report is here. If you want just the photos, they start here and you can click through the links on the bottom through the whole set. Or here are direct URLs:

London / Greenwich / The Thames / The Rollright Stones and Birmingham / Lake District / Rievaulx Abbey / Castle Howard / York / Whitby / Scarborough and Goathland / Fountains Abbey / Hartlepool / Durham / Carlisle and Gretna Green / Hadrian's Wall / Barningham / Sherwood Forest and Avebury / Stonehenge / Portsmouth Historic Dockyard / Portsmouth and Southsea / Portchester

Some of these may (nay, will) show up in this journal at some point. We were not allowed to take photos inside Westminster Abbey, Her Majesty's Theatre, the Maritime Museum, the galleries at the Birmingham Museum, Wordsworth's Dove Cottage, Castle Howard or Durham Cathedral, and we were not allowed to use flash in the Nelson Gallery at the Royal Naval Museum nor the Mary Rose Museum, so there are some gaps and some slightly blurry images.
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