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Barbie Tarot: Minor Arcana Post 1

I've changed most of the suits to fit Barbie's lifestyle and imagery, but I was able to leave Wands, or Staffs, pretty much as-is. This is the suit associated with the element of fire; its positive aspects are creativity, adventurousness, passion and confidence, while its negatives tend to be brashness, aggression, impulsiveness and a lack of focus.

All images of Barbie dolls, the background imagery from the boxes and the names Barbie, Ken, Teresa, Stacie, Christy, etc. are copyright and trademark Mattel Inc. All Rider-Waite card images are copyright US Games Systems Inc. No infringement is intended and no profits are being made; this is a labor of love. If you want to save or print these for your own personal use, wonderful, but please don't repost them or hotlink directly to the images.

Ace of Staffs      Little Bo Peep from the Children's Collector Series
The card of creative beginnings, Bo Peep may be off on a profitable journey or a new venture so long as she stays focused on her enterprise and does not behave selfishly. She may have lost her sheep for the moment but all will be well if she doesn't panic. (Rider-Waite)

Two of Staffs      Spirit of Water from Native Spirit
The Waite card shows a man holding a globe in one hand and a staff in the other, representing generosity, interest and forward thinking. The Barbie on this card holds a rain stick and appears to be dressed up for a ceremony, perhaps to ensure a prosperous season. (Rider-Waite)

Three of Staffs      Rising Star from the Grand Ole Opry Series
Though this card is said to represent success in business and trade, particularly via good partnership, the Waite card shows a man staring into the distance as if waiting for his ship to come in. This Barbie is not a known name yet, though there are country music star Barbies like Martina McBride; perhaps she needs a manager. (Rider-Waite)

Four of Staffs      Summer Splendor from Enchanted Seasons
A midsummer celebration with the early fruits of the season often adorn this card, an image of prosperity, work that is going well and the anticipation of a happy future. Here is Barbie prepared to enjoy the bright days of summer with her parasol, though she would do well to remember that hard work lies ahead before the harvest. (Rider-Waite)

Five of Staffs      Hard Rock Café #2 from the Hard Rock Café Series
This is a card associated with competition or potential obstacles, though also the courage and determation to overcome them. This is only one of three Hard Rock Café Barbies, who appears to be showing off with her guitar to get attention. (Rider-Waite)

Six of Staffs      Samantha from Bewitched
Creative leadership and rewards for helping friends go very well with unconventional Samantha, who is riding her broom rather than the horse that carries the hero on more traditional cards. (Rider-Waite)

Seven of Staffs      Astronaut from the Career Collection
Another card that represents competition, the Seven illustrates a person who enjoys and is not intimidated by a challenge. Barbie takes on an exciting and brave career, planting her flag on the moon while collecting moon rocks. (Rider-Waite)

Eight of Staffs      The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
The Rider-Waite image shows staffs flying through the air, beginning their descent as they approach their target. The card can mean a journey or can represent hastiness to reach a desired goal. When the Queen plays a game, one never knows whether one is going to be welcomed as a treasured ally or pursued to shouts of "Off with her head!" (Rider-Waite)

Nine of Staffs      Venetian Opulence from Masquerade Gala
A symbol of preparedness and deep reserves, but also sometimes obstinacy and uncertainty about one's plans. Here Barbie has just removed her ball mask and revealed herself; will the party end as she wishes? (Rider-Waite)

Ten of Staffs      Autumn in Paris from City Seasons
Traditionally this card represents a heavy burden or a sense of oppression. Here we see Barbie at the turn of the seasons, when perhaps she may need that walking stick to navigate slippery sidewalks, and her scarf not as a fashion accessory but to protect her from the cold. Maybe her vacation in France is coming to an end. (Rider-Waite)


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