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Barbie Tarot: Minor Arcana Post 4

All images of Barbie dolls, the background imagery from the boxes and the names Barbie, Ken, Teresa, Stacie, Christy, etc. are copyright and trademark Mattel Inc. All Rider-Waite card images are copyright US Games Systems Inc. No infringement is intended and no profits are being made; this is a labor of love. If you want to save or print these for your own personal use, wonderful, but please don't repost them or hotlink directly to the images.

Princess of Hats      Princess of China from the Princess Collection
An image of dexterity and grace, this princess' headdress is constructed partly from her own adorned hair, enabling her to embody the characteristic diplomacy and fortitude she presents. (Rider-Waite)

Prince of Hats      Coca-Cola Ken
The Knight of Swords is blunt and opinionated to the point of being overbearing. Here we see Ken advertising Coca-Cola on his hat, his shirt, his apron...there is no subtlety whatsoever in his message! (Rider-Waite)

Queen of Hats      George Washington from FAO Exclusives
Here is Barbie as the great American President and Revolutionary War hero; though she does not carry his sword, she does wear his hat. The Queen is astute, upright and confident -- all qualities associated with General Washington. (Rider-Waite)

King of Hats      Arthur and Guinevere from the Together Forever Collection
The King of Swords symbolizes a wise counselor whose intellectual and analytical skills benefit his sense of justice. King Arthur had all those qualities, though they did not keep his wife from falling for the most gifted of his knights. (Rider-Waite)


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