The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

A Rear Window Romance

Guess what I just saw Jack and Stephen doing!

Well, apart from grooming each other...

...and grooming themelves...

...and lounging about in a rather suspicious manner, which is what caused the cats to rouse the alarm and alerted me...

...causing some suspicious peering-about from the captain...

...they decided to plot a raid on the bird feeder!

Even if they had to climb one another to do it!

...and they just didn't care who saw them.

Though they didn't get any birdseed.
Which also didn't seem to bother them all that much.
And they lived happily ever after.
The end.

(For those who do not know, Jack and Stephen are named after Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin in the Patrick O'Brian series that starts with Master and Commander. They have starred in many adventures here, which can be found in the squirrels tag or on my web page here, where you can also read the evil saga of Aragorn, the gerbil who bit me the other night.)</center>

I would like to apologize for the condition of the photos. It's late afternoon here with the sun on the other side of the quarterdeck and I did not have time to figure out light settings while the captain and doctor were there skirting Article XXIX so charmingly, so I captured what I could.

Ridiculous conversation that was a result of the above photos:
awww! Jack and Stephen!
cruisedirector: Yes! They were SO CUTE and I did not have time to play with the camera and get proper photos because both cats were climbing up on the window and mreeowling and batting at the glass!
ldybastet: *giggles* well, the most important piece of evidence about their activities came out good though!
cruisedirector: Yes! But we always knew that about them. *veg* I am starting to suspect that Jack might be, um...
ldybastet: gay? LOL
ldybastet: had a sex change?
ldybastet: is a transvestite?
cruisedirector: A girl! I think he might have um nipples. I mean, LOTS of nipples. Don't tell anyone!!!
ldybastet: OMG eeeeep! did the author know?
cruisedirector: I don't know if the author even realized Jack was a squirrel!
ldybastet: LOL! could have been a bit of a shock for would have made some of the sex easier though...
ldybastet: I mean...that Jack is a girl...being a girl squirrel is a bit worse
cruisedirector: *thinks about this* Sex with a girl cannot get you kicked out of the Navy. Sex with a squirrel is a hanging offense!


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