The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

2006 Wish List

Pretty much the same as my 2005 wish list. Some are in fact repeats from last year...

1. Gift certificates: I prefer Borders to Barnes and Noble but live near both, could always use Target, eBay, iTunes or PayPal. United Frequent Flyer Miles that you're not going to use by their expiration date would be very much appreciated by my entire family! Here is my wish list; lots of stuff on there is actually stuff I am trying to remember for my kids and husband, but I think the notes are pretty up to date.
2. Photography: Filters (I have only UV and polarizing). Books that are useful or contain stunning images. A backpack for camera and lenses. Any sort of accessories you think I should not be without.
3. Scents: To wear, L'Occitane en Provence's Ambre Eau de Toilette; Bath & Body Works Brown Sugar & Fig body spray, body wash and creme; to burn as candles or oil, anything that's a food smell (vanilla, almond, coconut, peach); and for both candles and lotions, solid and spray perfumes, any subtle patchouli-frankincense, sweetgrass-sandalwood, ylang ylang-chypre-opium-myrrh, but nothing that's flowery (particularly no lily, jasmine or lavender).
4. Tchotchkes: Crystals, marbles, seashells, animal fetish carvings, folk art from anywhere in the world, anything with spiritual significance (stones from sacred sites, Magen Davids or rosaries from the Holy Land, little bottles of water from sacred springs, etc.), miniature books, cat collectibles, anything historical.
5. Jewelry: Anything silver, particularly charms for necklaces. Magical Omaha has dozens of gorgeous amulets. I also like inexpensive silver rings with interesting designs. My ears are pierced but I can only wear very pure silver or stainless steel wires. I love things from faraway places and cultures. Turquoise is my birthstone -- blue zircon, blue topaz, azurite and teal glass are perfectly acceptable substitutes. My ring size is 6 1/2, but if it's only whole sizes I prefer the 7 to the 6.
6. No one can ever go wrong giving me a Tarot deck, even if it's used or not in its original box. There's a list of the ones I have and want the most here. I also collect decks of playing cards where there's a different animal or lighthouse or mixed drink or dessert on the face of each card.
7. Tea: Williamson & Magor, Yorkshire Gold, Twinings Lady Grey from the UK (the US versions of Twinings teas are considerably weaker), PG Tips, Taylors of Harrogate, Marks & Spencer decaf (we can't get really good decaf anywhere in the US!) If it's British and strong I will probably like it, but I particularly look for really good decaf tea because it's so hard to find. Earl Grey and its relatives are my favorites.
8. Other Food: Chocolate. I prefer milk to dark unless there's mint or raspberry inside. If you live someplace where there is Kendal Mint Cake, Nestle Mint Aero, chocolate covered marzipan, Swiss hazelnut chocolate or real plain milk Cadbury (as opposed to the less wonderful corn syrup infested US versions), you can make me very, very happy. I also love cheeses, smoked salmon, cheese popcorn (Smartfood!), pretty much anything that's spicy and pretty much all nuts.
9. Clothing: I'm all about comfort. Second-hand is lovely, particularly if it's denim since I don't like denim stiff. I love hippie stuff. Anything tie-dye, velvet or velour, Wahaba Karuna's star tops and skirts, Holy Clothing's blouses, skirts and dresses, Indian cotton skirts (I'm very short, so a "short" skirt is usually long on me!) I like oversized, elastic waist, lounging stuff. I also like glitter and rhinestones and girly stuff but it has to be in something that's comfortable in the first place. I tend to prefer primaries and jewel tones to washed out colors.
10. Stuff you've written. The missing scene in Post Captain where Jack and Stephen make up. Really hot schmoopy Snupin. Pages for my Book of Shadows (recipes, herbal potions, seasonal rituals, home purification blessings, Tarot spells, meditations, Jewitch celebrations...I am open to new ideas).

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