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The Little Review

My favorite natural feature in Utah

at Kodachrome Basin State Park. South central, near Bryce. (Photo not by me, a friend forwarded it!)

Caption contest anyone?

Which Lord of the Rings Character Do You Fancy?

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All that rugged yet unwashed manliness! I love it! Anyway, I'm Too CLexy for My Shirt:

Which Smallville 'Ship Are You?

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Last week someone offered to buy three of my Voyager press kits for a total cost of over $200. Now, I had thought I would hold on to those press kits for a good long time, 1) to remind me that I used to love Voyager and 2) in case they're worth even more money in the future. But in truth, the only Voyager souvenir I really care about is the Captain Janeway Barbie that my mother in law made me before the 12" figures came out. So I sold them, and promptly ordered a complete set of the Sharpe DVDs (I had the first four, gifts from a friend in London; she warned me that the female characters were considerably less interesting when Teresa died, but I want to see the rest anyway!) I got my DVDs today and am trying to decide whether to watch them all consecutively while I still remember the details of each or whether to spread them out over many weeks to savor.

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