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Lyrics for Friday

...because I'm just in the mood, dammit.

Ain't It Crazy (The Rub)
by the Grateful Dead

Well, mama got the rub board, sister got the tub
They're goin' around doing the rub, the rub
Ain't it crazy, ain't it crazy
Ain't it crazy one day keep on rubbin' at that thing.

Two old maids, they was layin' in the bed
One turned over and this is what she said,
Ain't it crazy, ain't it crazy
Ain't it crazy one day keep on rubbin' at that thing.

Mama killed a chicken, thought he was a duck
Put him on the table with his feet sticking up
Ain't it crazy, ain't it crazy
Ain't it crazy one day keep on rubbin' at that thing.

There was two old ladies layin' in the sand,
Each one wonderin' if the other was a man
Ain't it crazy, ain't it crazy
Ain't it crazy one day keep on rubbin' at that thing.

Well I see that woman goin behind the hill
I'm gonna find that girl, I'm gonna do my will
Ain't it crazy, ain't it crazy
Ain't it crazy one day keep on rubbin' at that thing.

Well I feel so good, well I feel so fine
All I gotta do is drink that wine
Ain't it crazy, ain't it crazy
Ain't it crazy one day keep on rubbin' at that thing.

I said the little old rooster saw the little old hen
He said, "I've had no lovin' since God knows when"
Ain't it crazy, ain't it crazy
Ain't it crazy one day keep on rubbin' at that thing.

Is it just me, or was LJ down half the night last night?

I watched Stormy Monday and Sharpe's Revenge, the former being a New Year's present from a dear friend and the latter being my husband's choice -- I have converted him to Sharpe fandom! Bwaah! I generally despise Melanie Griffith and the site of her kissing a man to whom I am attracted can ruin him for me forever, so I was hesitant, but she was actually pretty good in the role (needing rescue as usual and doing the little-girl pout to excess but for this character that was sensible) and Sean was so so young and gorgeous that he was almost too much so to be my type. Sting, however, was perfect and I thought I was going to die happily of an overdose of British blondeness when they were onscreen together. (I love and adore Sting -- singing and in Plenty, etc. -- and somehow had not registered that he was in the movie, was too focused on "Oh yay, Tommy Lee Jones as another ugly American.") Someone tell me there's Brendan/Finney slash please.

People keep warning me away from the later Sharpes and I am mystified as to why; there are no women who come close to Teresa so my feminist film-watching side is dissatisfied, but Bean gets better and better as the role develops and the clever dialogue remains quite strong. Sharpe's Revenge is quite predictable -- my husband and I were taking bets on Frederickson falling in love with Lucille and Sharpe sleeping with her anyway and Wigram being in charge of the inquiry (yay, to finally see the duel from the previews on every single DVD) and the use of the gold in the end -- but it has a lot of really funny, charming moments anyway. I can't stand Jane so it's perversely entertaining to watch her destroy herself -- the moral of the series seems to be that bad blood will out, not in terms of the lower classes but the upper, and I have never liked Alexis Denisof at all so it's great fun to watch him as a wormy little loser.

Where were you...

Gacked from msallegro among others...

1. When John F. Kennedy was shot (11/22/1963)
This was more than three years before I was born. My parents were in the early 20s.

2. When Mt. St. Helens blew (5/18/1980)
In junior high school -- I remember discussing it with people in homeroom, but since I live on the east coast it didn't have much of an impact on my life. The more memorable events of that era were John Lennon's death and Ronald Reagan getting shot (I was waiting for the schoolbus when the latter occurred, and the school secretary ran out screaming that Reagan and Bush were dead and Alexander Haig had taken over).

3. When the space shuttle Challenger exploded (1/28/1986)
I was in the office of my college newspaper when I heard. We all assumed at first that this was a sick joke someone had sent over the wires until someone turned on a radio. Then we all went back to our dorm rooms to see it on television -- like it wasn't going to be real until we saw it with our own eyes.

4. When the 7.1 earthquake hit San Francisco (10/7/1989)
Watching the World Series, like so many other people. The cameras shook, the stadium shook, one of the announcers said it felt like an earthquake, and then abruptly the picture went dead.

5. When the Berlin Wall fell (11/7/1989)
In graduate school. I came home one day in the library, turned on the news and realized that the world in which I had grown up (and which I had honestly expected to end in nuclear annihilation) was gone forever. It was a wonderful time.

6. When the Gulf War began (1/16/1991)
I don't remember where I was when it first began, but I remember sitting in a classroom at the University of Chicago for an evening class right after the first bombing of Tel Aviv, thinking that discussing Wyndham Lewis was utter bullshit and we should all go home and listen to the news.

7. When OJ Simpson was chased in his White Bronco (6/17/1994)
We were at a family reunion in Oregon. It's rather funny -- I was in a room with members of my husband's family who had not seen each other literally in years, and everyone was sitting around the television, riveted.

8. When the building in Oklahoma City was bombed (4/19/1995)
This is kind of pathetic, but I honestly don't remember where I was when I heard, nor do I remember watching much of the footage -- I had a toddler, was suffering from lingering postpartum depression and feel like I was in a haze until (ironically) being pregnant with my second child snapped me out of it.

9. When Princess Di was killed (8/31/1997)
Heard it late at night on the news in my current home. The next night we had a wedding to go to downtown that required that we drive by the British Consulate, which was next to impossible due to all the flowers and cards that had been laid out in front, spilling into the street, along with news teams and mourners. I was sorry that she had died so young but found all the mourning rather excessive -- Mother Teresa didn't get that kind of public display.

10. When Bush was first announced President (11/7/2000)
My husband and I had stayed up half the night on Election Day watching CBS put states on the map and take them off; the next morning I had brunch with a friend from Britain who had stayed up literally all night in a D.C. bar, watching with incredulous voters. I don't remember where I was when I first heard Bush announced but it was so obvious that we were never going to get an honest count in Florida that I was pretty resigned to it happening by the time it did and had already joined the ACLU.

11. When the 6.8 earthquake hit Nisqually, WA (2/28/2001)
I don't remember when I first heard about it but when my husband got home, we immediately tried to call his relatives in Seattle and Bothell. They were all fine.

12. When terrorists knocked over the World Trade Center (9/11/2001)
I was on my way to meet a friend for breakfast after dropping my kids off at school when I heard on the radio that a plane had crashed into one of the towers. I immediately called my mother, who put on the news. At that time no one was suspecting terrorism, at least not aloud; the news reports were conflicted but assuming pilot or mechanical error. I told my mother to call me on my cell phone if anything changed, and went to breakfast at a French bistro-type place without a radio or TV. Two hours later, my phone had not rung, so I called my husband to see what was going on. He said that the entire family had been trying to reach me but the cell phone lines were jammed -- the Pentagon had been hit, they thought another downed plane had been headed for the White House, the kids' schools had closed and my mother had picked them up, the traffic between Virginia and Maryland was at a standstill, and meanwhile in New York both towers had collapsed. The road signs over the beltway said "AVOID D.C." I immediately tried to call my college roommate who worked a block from the WTC while I was driving to my mother's to see my kids. They had watched the entire thing on television before I even knew it happened.

It's interesting because my mother complained after seeing The Two Towers that she thought it was much too violent for kids. Which in a different world would probably be true, but she allowed my sons to watch the events of 9/11 as they were unfolding on television, forcing me to explain Osama Bin Laden and anti-Semitism and terrorism to 8- and 5-year-old boys and making them very focused on world news and tensions in the Middle East and things it never occurred to me to worry about at that age, even though I am old enough to remember Vietnam and Watergate. Nothing they see at the movies or in any E-rated video game is going to make anywhere near the impact on them that the news did that day.

Working at the kids' school today and I think having dinner with my parents tonight...should I watch G.I. Jane (another New Year's present) or stick with the Bean trend and watch Sharpe's Justice tonight? Have been thinking I should offer to review The Field for GMR, do not want to overdose on movies starring men I love from LOTR...perhaps I should take a break and rewatch Crimes and Misdemeanors for something completely different...

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