The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Late as usual

For everyone to whom I owe e-mail, comments, etc.:

I know I said I would get to it tonight. But tonight I needed something to stick on the TV while I was folding laundry, so I stuck on Excalibur which I had not watched in easily a decade. And, you know. Nigel Terry. Patrick Stewart. Helen Mirren. Liam Neeson. I kind of spent two and a half hours completely engrossed in watching it (and tomorrow I need to spend at least a few minutes listening to the director's commentary to see if I can figure out where they filmed the scenes on the hilltop with the standing stones). Did I mention I found the DVD for $6 on in perfect condition?

So that is my Thursday excuse. In fairness I have spent the last half-hour trying to read my friends list and reply to comments only to get the "This Page Cannot Be Found" Screen of Doom. I was astounded the update page came up! So have a lovely night/morning/whatever it is in your part of the world and I will get to all my correspondence ASAP!

Go download ashinae's "Silence" vid. Boromir angst. RM or WMV.

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