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Loud Saturday Afternoon 
Saturday, 14th June 2003 06:31 pm
Back from a very loud party at California Tortilla where my son got a soccer trophy, a soccer jersey patch, cake and too much coke, and from a VERY VERY VERY LOUD party at Shadowlands where both my sons ran around shooting their friends with lasers for two hours. Why is it that mothers let their kids do this for their birthdays? Both my kids desperately want a party there and cannot understand why Paul and I both go crosseyed and say "NO!"

Since it was once again horrible pouring thunderstorming flooding all afternoon, we stayed within the shopping complex and went looking for Father's Day presents for my father. He's getting DVDs for his new widescreen TV. (And I grabbed 28 Days and The Ice Storm for $6.99 at Circuit City because it would cost almost that much to rent them! Right? Right!) Then we went into ethnic food stores and browsed, and I finally finished Angels and Demons in the VERY VERY VERY LOUD party room.

I had cake at lunch on Thursday, at dinner on Friday and with both meals today. Please remind me never ever to do that again.

In other news, Totally Kate! owes me a favor. Some of you may appreciate why this makes me giggle madly.

vertigo66 pointed me to the hilarious New York Times Retracts Years of Erroneous Headlines. I'm howling. She also has a link to an editorial from the actual Times about DeLay that contains no new bad news, but the usual bad news in summary form.

Yes, I chose my answers so that I could be Annorax (gacked from agentirish:

You're Red.
You're Red.
Which That 70's Show Character are You?
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My son just asked if we could watch GoldenEye. Whee!
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