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My parents called early in the afternoon to ask if we wanted to come over and eat pizza and watch Star Trek: Nemesis with them on their new big plasma TV with the awesome speakers. I have been ambivalent about seeing this film -- have mostly affectionate feelings for TNG, have felt that it largely escaped the horror that Voyager became, though I never loved TNG the way I loved DS9 and early VOY. But I figured what the heck, it was too wet outside to take the kids hiking and we're not going to see my parents for a month, why not.

I enjoyed it far more than I expected. The scientific and continuity holes in the second half of the film were atrocious, impossible to ignore, and some of the character motivations made little sense (probably because all character bits were cut to ribbons to make way for cool-looking but absurd action sequences like Enterprise, without shields, ramming Shinzon's ship). But I was in feel-good mode from the wedding onward. I adore Riker, always have, am delighted to see Riker and Troi married, was happy to see Guinan and Wesley even if we never got a word about what in hell the latter was doing there, didn't flinch at the duplicate-Data storyline the way I thought I might, loved the visuals on Romulus. And was gratified that my entire family howled at the idea that Janeway got promoted before Picard did and that he'd take orders from her without snidely condescending to her. I know it is wrong of me to be glad that Kate looked like shit, but I was.

So I munched most of the afternoon away. Now must fold laundry and contemplate packing. My thrilling Saturday night!

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