The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
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It's Very Late

...and I have spent the entire day squeeing, except when I had to console my inconsolable son about the fact that his best friend in the world is moving back to New Zealand and we have no clue when they might see each other again. This is an extremely difficult thing for a 10-year-old to deal with and I am afraid I have been utterly useless in helping him cope, except via distraction.

Thank you all so much for the comments and greetings and such -- I have not looked at my Friends list since midafternoon so I am sure I owe personal thanks that I will send tomorrow. I spent a perfectly wonderful morning with juleskicks and lohowarose at M&C for the fifth time (thus tying my TTT record in the theater, and am wondering whether I should see it again before Wednesday because M&C just gets better every time I watch it and has no boring parts whatsoever -- took me four viewings to get bored of Helm's Deep but it did happen, and I am much happier thinking about ROTK next week when I am NOT thinking about it for reasons I do not quite understand).

Anyway, after hanging with Dru and Rose as I keep thinking of them despite knowing their real names, I hung out with my kids and my mother for awhile, and then we went to see Lisa Moscatiello and Rosie Shipley perform at a release party in honor of their new CD, Well Kept Secrets. They were wonderful and my kids were utterly cooperative for the most part after several earlier meltdowns, so although we left before the second set because the younger one was falling asleep in his chair -- did I mention that the NZ friend slept over last night despite it being a school night because it was the Last Night Ever, so everyone was hugely overtired? -- I got to hear a set and eat the wonderful carrot cake there.

And then, since I was home and in a Russell Crowe/Paul Bettany mood and hadn't seen it in, oh, days, I made my husband watch A Beautiful Mind with me, since he had never seen it. Hence the fact that the hour is now so late. (I also made my husband watch the makeout scene from The Sum Of Us, just because. He rolled his eyes at me. Am betting I have to watch the sex scene from The Hunger sometime in recompense and am also betting I enjoy that far more than he enjoyed Gay Russell.)

Anyway, since I blew vertigo66 off today, I am having lunch with her tomorrow so I better go to bed. ashinae sweetie, hope you are feeling better!

And big smooches to everyone.


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