The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

It's the Last Day of the Year

...and my older son is feeling somewhat better though still not well enough to go running around or play soccer. So what was I to do with the children?!

...why yes, I did take them to see Master and Commander again. One would think that, having seen the movie five times previously, there wouldn't be anything new for me to notice...but the way Stephen is grinning at Jack when Tom walks through the cheering crowd at the very end, which I just never observed before because my attention was always focused on Tom, and Stephen is standing off to the side, is just...GUH.

And now for my thrilling New Year's Eve plans. We are supposed to go to my sister's in New York tomorrow, but did not solidify plans because we had a sick child. Now I can't get her on the phone, though I am assuming that we are still going because if something had changed on her end and one of her kids was sick I hope she'd call. My father is at the Rose Bowl, staying with my uncle in L.A. tonight, so my mother is coming here for dinner, which was originally supposed to be the fondue we did not manage to have over Chanukah but is getting postponed yet again because of my son's stomach not quite being back to normal.

So, yeah. Mom today, sister tomorrow. I did pick up a little bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream for my husband and myself at midnight, which will be the only liquor I'll have drunk all year. And it won't even be this year anymore. My thrilling life. *G*

Happy New Year!

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