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In Which Russell Crowe Justifies My Love

From this interview, sent along by X of X Art:

"Will the all-male cast make Far Side of the World a tough sell for women?

'I think there's something delicious in the relationship between the captain and the doctor, what they may or may not talk about and who they are away from their women, and how they behave in this very masculine world,' Crowe suggests. 'There are secrets to be discovered in this film. I think the film will definitely find a female audience.'"

HE GETS SLASH! *swoons* Wow, for the first time I understand why Peter Jackson thought maybe he could play Aragorn. No...don't throw that! *g*

Also, lovely John Noble interview. I don't know whether he gets slash, but he gets Denethor pretty well.

And on a totally un-fun note, linked by cortese, I wish it surprised me rather than coming as something that seems exactly like a Bush administration tactic...from, and originally the BBC:

"When U.S. troops flushed Saddam Hussein from his hiding place last month, Iraq's American administrator, Paul Bremer, told the world: "Ladies and gentlemen, we got him." But reports persist that it was actually Kurdish guerrillas who caught the former Iraqi leader, then drugged him and left him in his hole for the Americans to "capture" and use for political capital. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that while Hussein was taken by the Americans on the evening of Dec. 13, his capture was not announced until 18 hours later. Meanwhile, a Kurdish-language news service reported Hussein's capture by a unit of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan -- several hours before the western media knew what was happening."

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