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Just Photos And Stuff

Here are the photos not covered in this post because I didn't want to make them public...

Please do not feed the bears at Boyds Bear Country.

Daniel, Adam, Grandpa and a big bear.

Paul and Adam and their big cocks. *snerk*

Adam, Noah and the animals, two by two. (Each boy got a guinea pig.)

Grandpa gets fondue for his birthday.

And as long as I am putting photos in a locked post, I think I can get away with ashinae's extremely naughty captions for this M&C premiere picture:

Max Benitz: Okay, just WHAT does Paul know that the rest of us don't?
Max Perkis: Thankfully I'm too young to understand!
Russell: Paul, you're being obvious again. Shh.
Peter: This is nothing compared to what I put up with for months...
James: They're letting me take pictures this time!
Lee Ingleby: Wow...could they be ANY gayer?

(Some of the comments below refer to photos now in this post because I locked this one!)

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