The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Gratuitous Flower Post #2

In which I reveal my deep ignorance of flora. If flowers don't interest you, feel free to skip as there is nothing beneath the cut but photos of them and questions about them.

The Capitol Columns, seen through the trees (note the gorgeous half-obscured red maple) and a kite to the right.

And from just below, across a field of buttercups.

I've no idea what this flower is but it's beautiful, isn't it?

I'm pretty sure these are a variety of bluebell.

And I think these are lupines?

Now, this is an arachnid. If my life were Master and Commander, Stephen would want to study it and Jack would probably be standing on a chair trying to get away from it.

I've absolutely no idea what these lovelies are. They grow on trees, none of which was labeled.

Here are the flowers close up. I think they're sexy.

And here is the arboretum's own web site on the azaleas.

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