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I Reach For You By My Side And Soar

Had a lovely afternoon under the sun listening to Lisa Moscatiello and Dave Chappell with apaulled, perkypaduan (with whom I got California Tortilla before the show, woo hoo), vertigo66, the latter's son and at least 100 kids from local day care centers. It was not Lisa's finest performance -- few of her songs can be clapped along to, and some have lyrics that make them difficult with an audience of four-and-unders -- but she and Dave were game and let one little girl come up on stage to teach them "the cicada song" (because as if the children were not distraction enough, there were hundreds of the buggers singing all around, plus trains going by right behind the band shell every half hour or so). They did "Revolution Earth" and three Dylan songs and "Biloxi" and Lisa's "Second Avenue" and some blues.

Later I came home and took my younger son to his violin lesson. My gifted child forgot his violin. And his music book. Even though I reminded him twice. I should have checked to make sure that they were actually in the van. While he was having his lesson on a borrowed, too-large violin, I sat in the music store that is attached to the studio and read The Surgeon's Mate. I laughed so hard I thought they were going to ask me to leave. It was the part where the Ariel is sailing past Elsinore, and Jack says that he was once in a production of Hamlet, and Stephen asks what role he played, and after stalling while doing ship stuff, Jack admits that he played Ophelia. He was not pretty enough to be a girl, so a different midshipman played her in the dialogue scenes and the death scene, but Jack put on a dress and went out to sing as Ophelia. He brags about how many times he was called back for ovations, and sings for Stephen, "Young men will do't/An they come to't/By Cock they are to blame." How can anyone blame me for howling?

Tomorrow I get to see perkypaduan and vertigo66 again, along with gblvr and a friend of hers whom I know from a decade ago in Voyager fandom...and we all get to see HP:POA! Am trying to decide whether it is close enough now that I can get excited.

I am posting this only because she was my answer and I suspect she will snort about it, when her usual partner in crime tells her about it since I haven't seen her around here in ages!

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