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Mystical Seas

We had so much fun today that I'm going to have to post the pictures in two installments -- the aquarium now, the seaport later. The weather was absolutely perfect (80ish and breezy) and nothing was overly crowded; we got to see everything we wanted to see in six hours.

Penguins, Mystic Aquarium. Contrary to reputation, 80 degree heat doesn't faze them at all. Unfortunately these are not the gay penguins ashinae has on an icon, but I am nicknaming them Remus and Sirius in her honor anyway. *snerk*

In Baltimore we have a dolphin show; in Mystic there is a sea lion show. The one pictured is a baby, who spent most of the show barking, running out of place and trying to get fish instead of doing whatever he was supposed to be doing; this was much funnier and we all enjoyed it greatly.

Mystic Aquarium also has beluga whales in a large outdoor habitat -- two of them. We saw them being fed from a distance, and they popped out of the water and nuzzled the people feeding them.

This aquarium houses the Institute for Exploration, which has exhibits on undersea research. The current exhibits are on the discovery of JFK's PT boat and Robert Ballard's return to the Titanic, modeled above.

This is the ray touch tank, where people stand around with their hands skimming the surface of the pool to see if the rays will surface and allow themselves to be stroked. The rays like to tease, swimming almost to the outstretched hands, then turning and swimming back across the pool. Can't really say I blame them.

And this is the ray don't-touch tank -- stingrays and little sharks, which scoot along the plexiglas sides and show off their bellies and glare.

A sunflower sea star. I don't think I've ever seen one before.

Must go now to eat canned crab soup picked up at Mystic Seaport store.</center>
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