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More Gratuitous Russell Crowe Squee

Murph has all the lyrics from My Hand, My Heart, Russell Crowe's album he wrote with Alan Doyle, posted at her site along with little comments from Russell about the songs (the official album site does not have this up yet, just the lyrics to and story behind "Raewyn"). Although Russell says in this Sunday Telegraph interview that the album features five of the seven TOFOG members ("the ones who care to know what I'm writing about at the moment" -- eep), I can't find a listing for who performs on which song, including the chorus on "Mr. Harris." Has anyone else found that information?

And from the lyrics page I found out that Russell Crowe did not write "I Miss My Mind"; it's actually by expatriate Brit/Canadian Celtic folk singer Paul Hyde, from The Big Book of Sad Songs — Volume 1. You can watch the full video (set in New York City) for the song here and hear his lovely Yorkshire accent, but he doesn't have horns and the melody from Boccherini at the end. *g* Russell's comment on it was, "When I heard the song I always saw it as that moment when you have come through a hard time. Times when the way out of it is to keep your head down and push through." Also, I am laughing my ass off at Russell's apparent identification with Prince Harry in "Worst in the World."

Okay, I'm done squeeing. *g*

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