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Lyrics for Saturday

Post Mortem Bar
By Zane Campbell

When I cleaned out your room
I painted the walls to cover any memories
But still it seemed like you were hovering over
Still out there keeping an eye on me

Yeah I never really was able to tell you
That's why I'm telling you now that you can't hear
It's not gonna be the same around here without you
I'm holding back a flood behind one tear

And we'll go down to the post-mortem bar
And catch up on the years that have passed between us
And we'll tell our stories
Do you remember when the world was just like a carnival opening up

I never thought that I would ever see the day
And I don't wanna believe it's true
You were supposed to always be there
And a part of me has died with you

And we'll go down to the post-mortem bar
And catch up on the years that have passed between us
And we'll tell our stories
Do you remember when the world was just like a carnival opening up

If I could have one more day with you the way it used to be
All the things I should've said would pour out of me

I took a walk I didn't know which way I was goin'
But somehow or other I ended up here where
We said we'd meet again and I guess I was hopin'
But the place had been closed down a while
It was all dark in there

And we'll go down to the post-mortem bar
And catch up on the years that have passed between us
And we'll tell our stories
Do you remember when the world was just like a carnival opening up


My mother got some new bookcases and cleaned out everything left in one of the dressers in the spare bedroom, and she discovered a plastic hardware case of the sort that most people keep nails and screws and things in but my sister and I used to keep cheap jewelry in, and it was half-full of old abandoned earrings that once belonged to my sister. When we went over for dinner, she asked if I wanted either the earrings or the case itself, and I took the case and six pairs of sterling silver earrings that cleaned up very nicely with a little polish, and I just spent the past three hours going through all my old earrings and reorganizing so I can actually find the ones I like and rediscovering ones I love that I never remember to wear because for the past many months they were trapped in a nest of wires. I feel ridiculously accomplished about this, particularly since I had to organize many small objects with two very interested cats "helping" me.

Otherwise it was a pretty good, relatively quiet day. Had lunch with gblvr -- a double serving of tom ka gai soup at Tara Thai, one of my favorite cold weather indulgences -- then went to Target with her. Came home, wrote the Site Columns at TrekToday and a review of The Cloud Minders", which I really tried to be nicer about but every time I thought about Spock's dialogue particularly in the Droxine scenes I had to play B.B. King singing "Better Not Look Down" to scrub my brain clean. Oh, speaking of the Thelma and Louise soundtrack, hey ribby! Did you know that Shel Silverstein wrote Great Big Sea's mermaid song, and "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan"? I just discovered that today!

fridayfiver: The Moment I Let Go Of It
1. What did you eat yesterday?
Breakfast: bran cereal. Lunch: Tortilla soup and a chicken taco. Dinner: General Tso's chicken and rice (sauce from Trader Joe's). Also several pretzels and a chocolate chip cookie.
2. Are you more likely to yell or give the silent treatment? With immediate family, yell. With everyone else, silent treatment.
3. Who did you last grieve? My husband's grandmother. Well, and today, Art Buchwald, but grieving for someone whose impact on you was entirely through the media is very different from grieving for someone you knew and cared about.
4. What feels good today? I got my new purse! And a little camera bag for my little Nikon with a front pocket zipper so the spare batteries will stop falling out.
5. Friday fill in: Thank you ___ for ___. To my son for acing the science retest, on which he got 100%. Now we'll see how that translates on his report card...

fannish5: What five songs should be in a musical episode (or musical version) of your fandom?
I don't believe in musical episodes unless, like Buffy's, they are both utterly brilliant and genre-transformative (the Xena musical episode, I'm sorry to say, is not, and only the first Vic Fontaine episode of Deep Space Nine really earns its applause). But I make songvids in my head -- I have neither the skill nor the technology to make them in real life -- and I usually have a soundtrack for any pairing I love, so here, for instance, is my Harry Potter post-Veil Remus/Sirius top five and you are welcome to tell me that I am a sappy, schmoopy embarrassment to fandom because I already know it:
1. "To Where You Are" (Josh Groban)
2. "The Promise" (Tracy Chapman)
3. "Sand and Water" (Beth Nielsen Chapman)
4. "A More Perfect World" (Mary Beth Maziarz)
5. "The Sands of Time" (Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra)
Also if I am feeling like enough of a loser, Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven" and Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" might get included on this list, or John Farnham's "Angels" or October Project's "Return To Me" or particularly Zane Campbell's "Post Mortem Bar" -- hence the lyrics above. And incidentally, anyone wanting to see a part of my and beckyo's seven-year Janeway/Chakotay list can go here for a laugh!

Clipper City (with the USS Constellation at rear left) in Baltimore's Inner Harbor last weekend.

It was ridiculously warm and the ducks were wading near the water taxi landing (again, Constellation in background).

In the Maryland Science Center after seeing Happy Feet, a tornado! Which was disrupted by all these kids putting their hands in the middle of the dry ice steam a second later.

Late in the afternoon, we walked to the aquarium. This is the view across the harbor from the bottom of the World Trade Center -- the science center, Clipper City, one of the cruise ships and a gull.

And the Constellation lit up with the World Trade Center and Harborplace behind her as we left at dusk.

I think Saturday we are going to the Corcoran's Medieval Merriment Family Day, since this is the last weekend the Joan of Arc exhibit will be there. If it doesn't snow!

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