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Maternal Kvelling Post

Since I frequently gripe about my kids, I figured I should show the positive side. My younger son, his friend Jason and their Hebrew school classmate Leah went on an ETY (synagogue youth group) trip to an amusement park yesterday and today I got this note from the youth program director:

I wanted to send you a special note because your kids did something so nice yesterday at the Club 56 event. They had been busy playing games in the arcade and it was clear that they were intent on getting as many tickets as they could. But then I noticed that they were working together, sharing tokens and games to try to get the tickets and were combining all of them.

I was actually a little concerned about how they were going to decide how to divide them up later or how to get something they could all enjoy and use. When I posed this question to them they said that they really wanted to get something for the Youth Lounge. I double checked to make sure that's really what they wanted to do with the time and money they had spent and tickets they had won and they all quickly agreed that this was their goal.

They then took all of their tickets together over to the redemption station and turned most of them in for a cute little Dolphin Mobile that they gave to me for the youth lounge. Then they divided up the remaining tickets equally and each got a few little things for themselves. They did all of this without blinking an eye as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

I wanted you all to be aware of just how wonderful your kids are. It is rare to see kids work together and be so selfless, especially when games and prizes are involved. I told each of them that they had better be sure to come visit the youth lounge often to visit their purchase. I have enjoyed getting to know them this year in Club 56 and look forward to more great times next year.

Thank you for raising such good kids!

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