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Sleepy after Oscars

Adrien Brody is my new boyfriend. Though I bet I am going to be sharing him with LOTS of other people.

Am happy that Renee lost and feel badly because I should be glad that someone won rather than that someone lost. But while I could have been happy for Julianne or Diane and wouldn't have cared if it was Salma and didn't care that it was Nicole, I didn't want Renee. But hey, CZJ owned that movie. And for awhile it seemed like no one noticed.

TTT got a couple of awards which is all I was hoping for or expecting, so am glad there. And I got my .5 seconds of Louise Fletcher in the Oscar winner montage and another .5 seconds of her actually onstage with lots of other Oscar winners and looking great! Onstage with Anjelica and Jack and Chris Walken and Martin Landau and Susan Sarandon who was awfully subtle protesting but at least she flashed the peace sign. So am happy!

And speaking of Chris Walken, I'm very sorry he didn't win but at least he looked like he was enjoying the show. Though not as much as Jack Nicholson, who always looks like he's enjoying the show. He should always be front and center. (And I love Steve Martin suggesting Jack is gay...god, trying to think of a Nicholson character I could slash...nope, not happening...)

From juleskicks, this delightful surprise:

Remus and Sirius
Which Harry Potter Characters Are You The Child Of?

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