The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
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Poem for Monday

Love In Blood Time
By Sharon Olds

When I saw my blood on your leg, the drop so
dark and clear, that real arterial red,
I could not even think about death, you
stood there smiling at me,
you squatted in the tub on your long haunches
and washed it away.
The large hard bud of your glans in my mouth,
the dark petals of my sex in your mouth,
I could feel death going farther and farther away,
forgetting me, losing my address, his
palm forgetting the curve of my cheek in his hand.
Then we lay in the small glow of the
lamp and I saw your lower lip
glazed with light like liquid fire
I looked at you and I tell you I knew you were God
and I was God and we lay in our bed
on the dark cloud, and somewhere all we did, the
blood, the pink stippling of the head, the
pearl fluid out of the slit, the
goodness of all we did would somehow get
down there, it would find its flowering in the world.

Took me until today to read yesterday's New York Times, due to sleeping late and a Purim carnival and then hiking with my children and parents along the banks and across the footbridges of the very swollen Potomac River at Great Falls in magnificent spring weather. Had quite a lovely afternoon; saw some old friends at the carnival and my younger son escaped a collapsing moonbounce and then I came home and made a concerted effort to finish birthday fic that ended up being hopeless. So I want to recommend these editorials on the by-now-inevitable war, by Maureen Dowd and Thomas Friedman respectively.

Also had hysterics after discovering on the LOTRgossip list that Dark Horizons started an item about Hidalgo not really being based on a true story with the following quote: "Viggo Mortensen riding a bucking bronco (is that what they're calling Orlando Bloom these days?) is one of the big releases this October..."

Gacked from divineway with inevitable results. (Hope you are feeling better sweetie!) And hey, look, it's Real Janeway from before the haircut! So maybe it's not so bad...

You are Captain Janeway
Voyager's Captain, Katherine Janeway.

Star Trek Voyager Crew Test
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