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We interrupt this program...

...because while I was looking for Enterprise reviews for this week, I had to stop and read Logan Crawford of ScoopMe!'s Dawson's Creek finale recap which made me cry all over again. In particular I loved this:
I stand unashamed and admit that when Jack told Jen that she was his soulmate, I was possibly more moved than at any other moment of this show’s history. It clearly encapsulates what Jack and Jen have been to each other forever. From his tentative steps toward her – simply another wounded soul – to the love that grew between them, they found what they needed in each other. It’s funny how in retrospect, Jack and Jen were the only truly successful love story on Dawson’s Creek; an unconventional one to be sure, but a love story nonetheless. Perhaps that is what made it so powerful: that even though they were never destined to be a couple, their connection would rise above everything else.

God that's well-said. One of my favorite episodes ever was the one where Jen and Jack almost made love, despite the fact that she was drunk and he was gay, because he was terrified that he would never meet anyone he loved as much as he loved her. That quote also explains why I think Dawson and Joey's resolution was fine. Sex can be just sex, but soulmates are forever.

Logan also did some really nice character analysis of Pacey and a good job explaining why in this ending to a romantic triangle, getting the girl seems like a consolation prize. "Wishes come true, not free." I'm done now.

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