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There's Got To Be A Morning After

I would like to announce the extent to which I suck: Target had The Poseidon Adventure on DVD for $5.99. And I bought it.

They also had Michael Hoffman's very up-and-down A Midsummer Night's Dream (Kevin Kline: wonderful, Calista Flockhart: the less said the better), but I figured I could rationalize that as Educational Materials, seeing as I was there with my children on a school supplies run.

They wouldn't break the TTT street date. I asked. *g*

Gacked from blktauna, The Negative Fannish 5:

1. Name the worst movie you have ever watched (you don't have to have sat through the whole thing).

Less Than Zero. Made Plan 9 From Outer Space's screenplay seem clever and witty.

2. Name one or more actors/actresses that you will avoid a movie, show, play etc. because they are involved.
These are not hard and fast, as I have made exceptions for films of theirs before and will probably do so again, but I loathe Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Douglas, Kate Hudson and Sean Connery.

3. Name the squickiest pairing or pairings for which you've actually seen/read fic.
Any and all underage Harry Potter RPF.

4. Name a fandom that just makes you say "someone actually reads/writes fic for that?"
Anything involving critters from Pokemon, Sesame Street, etc.

5. Name one thing about being in fandom you could live without.
People who cannot distinguish between fiction and reality.

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