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The Little Review

Sunday Evening

Back from hiking at Great Seneca, where we waded through waist-high undergrowth that did not exist the past two years, saw lots of huge spiders in impressive webs, and caught glimpses of the occasional groundhog and deer (closer to the road -- why do they DO that?) It was an amazingly beautiful day, especially under the pines. The creek was swollen from the wet summer and there were leaves falling...I guess autumn really is arriving.

Since we were up in Gaithersburg I dragged my family into The Walnut Tree, which was having a 20% off sale on jewelry. One can never have too many cheap silver Pagan charms, can one? And one's children can never have too many crystals or fossils, can they?

And OH! I forgot to mention! I finally saw Mars! Last night it was finally clear enough for the amateur hobbyist to set up a telescope and get a good look. I've worn glasses for less than a year and I must admit I have not yet gotten the hang of looking through telescopes or binoculars with them on -- how do other people manage?

I had to fold a lot of laundry while my husband took our younger son to soccer, so I made my younger son watch A Midsummer Night's Dream with me. Had forgotten how good the Michael Hoffman production actually is, despite Calista who was not as bad as I remembered. It's very easy for a ten year old to follow and concise and well-paced enough that they don't get bored. And the, someone studied their Hughes and Waterhouse and Rackham and Millais and Parrish and Rossetti. Stunning. And Christian Bale, mmmm.

Since I've pimped Sean and Viggo news today, I might as well link to the very sweet Orlando Bloom GQ article. Ohh those curls.

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