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Snow Day...Before The Equinox

Our wonderful county, which last year had to add two days of school back to summer vacation and one to spring break (when we were in London, having made the plans long before all the snow days) has cancelled school for tomorrow in anticipation of Hurricane Isabel...which is not supposed to hit the DC area until early evening.

Last year it was the sniper; the year before that it was September 11. Are my kids EVER going to have a normal first month of school?

Lisa Moscatiello was wonderful despite the fact that the city of Rockville set up the stage not in the middle of the farmer's market where it should have been but directly in front of the movie theater, backing up to a construction zone. So we had people running in and out of the theater behind us, and enormous trucks digging up the ground just behind the stage. Sheesh!

I did ask her to play her new song about rotten love (it starts "You were trouble from the start" but I'm not sure if that's the title) and she did. So I am happy!

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