The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Saturday Night

Spent a perfectly lovely day in the hills in Frederick and Washington Counties, first at Gambrill State Park, up on High Knob where we picnicked and hiked around to see the fall colors, then at Washington Monument State Park, where we visited the OTHER Washington Monument (used as a Civil War lookout, just off the Appalachian Trail, on a route lined with information about George Washington's life).

From there, since we were so close, we drove to Burkittsville and Gathland State Park. It was drizzling, but gray and dark is the proper atmosphere for the Blair Witch town, and the War Correspondents Arch and the ruins of the Gath estate looked wonderful in the middle of all the wet leaves.

Fall Color Above Boonesboro, Washington Monument State Park

After hiking, we went to my parents' for dinner, then I came home and remembered that I had two articles to write that I didn't get done this morning. I am only now about to check my Friends pages so hope everyone has had a great day! Oh, a quick pimp: liars_dance's Healing Hands -- my secret plot to get my friends to tolerate Arafara before ROTK must be working! Also, fragilebroken is trying to kill me with MORE Orlando pictures.

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