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Am back from dinner and very, very full. My mother-in-law has a horrible head cold, so my in-laws didn't come and it was just my parents, my sister, her husband and their three daughters, and us. The kids get along very well but they are very loud together and it was somewhat chaotic, not helped by my parents sniping at each other over every trivial thing anyone could think of. My brother in law takes great pleasure in goading my father, which is amusing for awhile but there's a bit of mean edge since he knows how seriously my father will take it.

I should be in a better mood than I am. I mean, I'm grateful for so many things I'm not going to try to spew them out in a meme, but I think I talk about most of them here regularly. Still tonight was strange and strained as too many family holidays are. When we got there the kids were all watching Finding Nemo and then playing hide and seek in the basement. Then we ate, an insane affair since my sister's two younger kids were not in the mood for eating when everyone else was and we all had to help the kids get their sweet potato laden food over the beige rug to the dining room table. I did gimp with my eldest niece and talked with my sister and brother in law about movies and took pictures of the kids. I suppose it was low-key, though five kids under ten in a house is never really low-key! And now I am drugged on tryptophan and a miniscule amout of red wine.

This is what things are like: my sister's family has not been down here since LAST Thanksgiving. After 24 hours under the same room, she and her husband are taking the baby to stay in a nice hotel (they have money out the wazoo and can easily afford this), leaving the older two kids with my parents. We are getting nudged about everyone going swimming together at the hotel and then maybe seeing a movie in the afternoon and going back to my mother's for the dreaded leftovers. The only thing my older son wants to do is see his friend who is moving back to New Zealand after three years in the US in two weeks. One way or another there is going to be griping.

I have concluded that eating Thanksgiving leftovers is a mistake. Because all I could think about while eating this year's turkey was how godawful last year's turkey was on the third day, and I couldn't really enjoy it. I shall go count my blessings and find something to read instead of focusing on this!

ETA! No cheating needed, go me! Gacked from my_sanctuary:

Stephen Maturin
Stephen Maturin ~ Ships surgeon, yes, but also an
intelligence agent with cunning and skill that
remains hidden beneath your innocent naturalist
exterior until you need to employ them. While
you are often out of place or misunderstood at
times, your friends treasure you for your
knowledge and skill. Your fight against
tyranny is fought with the power of words and
intelligence, sometimes delivering blows more
bitter than cannons and muskets.
Which Patrick OBrian character from The Far Side Of The World are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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