The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

The Fellowship of the Gerbils, Extended Edition

In which our warriors gather their gear, check the sturdiness of their boat, and prepare to depart.

One day Boromir was helping Aragorn polish his sword...

...when Aragorn discovered a boat! "Hmm," he thought. "Perhaps we have overstayed our welcome in the great wood, er, the great cardboard of Lothlorien."

He checked the boat's seaworthiness...

...and called Boromir over to see.

Together they investigated the boat.

Boromir was particularly skeptical, for the boat could neither be gnawed apart nor have its bottom dug through by his paws.

And it capsized so easily!

Aragorn went to get his sword while Boromir sniffed him.

Then Boromir went to get the Horn of Gondor.

But wait! A noise! Leaving his sword in Boromir's care, Aragorn went to inspect.

Could it be a Balrog? An army of Uruk-hai?

No! It was the giant Eye of Cinnamon, the Dark Cat!

"Ah, forget the boat," said Aragorn. "Let's stay here and I'll blow the Horn of Gondor."
So they did, and he did, and they all lived happily ever after, again.
The end.

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