The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Snow Day, Again

And there was shoveling, and sledding, and hot chocolate. Our immediate neighborhood has finally been plowed, but my parents' street is still a mess, as are some other area roads, so we only went from here to there. With The Two Towers extended edition. Did I mention that my parents have a plasma TV with a fabulous stereo, and I have finally seen Osgiliath!Boromir larger than life?

From there we went to the local deli where I had matzoh ball soup and a bagel and lox, which is perfect snow weather. And now we're back here, and my younger son has a stomachache from having eaten too much junk during the movie since my mother helpfully provided more food than Loews super-sized combos.

And now I am home trying to make ashinae get some screen caps of Paul Bettany's naked arse from A Knight's Tale, because, you know, Paul Bettany's naked arse!

Winter Wonderland

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