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TrekToday Rumor of the Day

Two major news sites report that Enterprise may be moved to Friday night, cut to 24 episodes per season and cancelled after its fourth year.

This is not surprising, if true, but it is disenheartening. Ah well, maybe they'll make a DS9 miniseries now with the original cast members, instead of cooking up something like that travesty of a Battlestar Galactica that I had stopped watching long before it ended.

In better news, I had a lovely lunch with my evil local fannish cohorts and then we all went to Barnes and Noble and Target together to look at magazines and action figures...what could be more fun?

Then I came home to fold laundry, and watched the first half of The Sum of Us. Will trade smut to anyone who can provide me with screen caps of 1) Russell Crowe's naked arse and 2) Russell Crowe kissing a boy.

My Barbie dealer tells me that my Aragorn and Arwen are shipping. I am very happy. Laugh at me all you like!

And I forget where I originally saw this link -- fileg, I'm thinking it was you -- but I finally got around to checking out Lego Block Porn. Hee!

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