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Quick Drunken Update

We decided to finish the irish cream we bought for New Year's Eve. And, since the Tostito Bowl, that is the Dorito Bowl, that is the Fiesta Bowl was on, we had to have Tostitos and cheese, and chocolate chip cookies too.

This after taking the kids out for Indian buffet for lunch because they wanted to, picking up my husband from work since it's right near his office. After lunch they made me take them to the mall so they could spend their Borders gift cards on Spongebob DVDs and Yu-Gi-Oh cards, because they know that I will buy them books. (I was very restrained and did not buy TOFOG's Other Ways of Speaking. Then I came home and ordered it off for $5. I suck.)

Here's The New York Times annual movie round-up, to which I direct you not only because M&C finished at the top of critic A.O. Scott's list, but because there are slide shows and other goodies. Lots of ROTK stuff too.

And ashinae wants me to post this, from the January 4th, 2002 Entertainment Weekly interview with Russell Crowe, in the same issue as the not-so-geeky guide to Lord of the Rings:

EW: A Beautiful Mind is based on Sylvia Nasar's biography of Nash, but there's a lot of material in the book that didn't make it into the film. Anything you regret losing?

Crowe: A certain adventurousness in his sexuality.

EW: You mean the speculation in the book that he may have had homosexual tendencies?

Crowe:'s in there, it depends on how you watch it. There's a scene where Nash is walking down a corridor at Princeton and he fixes a young man walking towards him with a gaze. The extra turns around and goes, Wow, what was that about? You don't need a whole scene for everything -- there are grace notes that you can do.

More here. And I am very, very full and sleepy, so goodnight.

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